A small fund with a big impact…

The Batwa are an indigenous ethnic group belonging to the pygmy people and make up about 1 % of the Burundian population. Widely accepted as the first inhabitants of the region, they have lost their traditional hunting and gathering grounds due to land grabbing. Impoverished and marginalised and without equal access to land, education and health services, they are one of Central Africa’s most vulnerable and endangered groups.

With a 7.000 EUR fund provided by the Austrian Embassy in Burundi the Mvumera Primary School, located in a remote area on the top of a high mountain chain of the Nil-Congo crest in Mabayi Commune in Cibitoke Province, in the Northwest part of Burundi and very close to the Kibira forest on the border with Rwanda, was rehabilitated. Accessing the school is very hard due to the fact that there is no road; and the implementation of this project took place in a relatively tense context following the accumulation of socio-political problems that the country has faced in the past. Indeed, for more than six decades, Burundian society is confronted with ethnic, regional and political divisions characterised by series of repetitive crises. In cooperation with the Governor of Cibitoke,  the Communal Administrator and the Director of Education of the Commune of Mabayi and with much support by the local Burundian and especially Batwa community the school was enlarged by 2 class rooms, the administrative block was rehabilitated and school as well as sports material were provided.
Just klick here to have a look at the photos of those bright faces and big smiles of the children and the teachers… a small fund with a very big impact!