PRESS RELEASE: CITY OF VIENNA and HOPE’87 start cooperation in Mali

Children are one of the most vulnerable age groups. School helps them in developing their analytical skills, their character and their overall personality. The importance of school education lies in the fact, that the children of today will be the adult citizens of tomorrow. 

But what happens if the school built of mud collapses under the heavy rain like in Mamabougou, a village in the South Eastern part of Mali?  

In the light of such a disaster, the City of Vienna decided on 9th of September 2019 to co-finance a project of HOPE'87 for the partly reconstruction and furnishing of the primary school of Mamabougou. Furthermore, a training for trainers’ program will give the teachers access to new pedagogical tools and strengthen their creativity and quality in teaching.

The project will run from 1st of November 2019 until 31st of October 2020 and will contribute to help Mali to attain the SDG 4.1 and to guarantee that by 2030 all girls and boys will have access to a free and high quality primary education.