Paving a New Path

Revolutions take place in a society that no longer wants to follow the enforced traditions of their previous generations. These changes can be as small as enrolling the young children in a school where they are able to pave a new path for the future. 

For mothers like Saba Gul, the act of sending two young daughters to school is a break away from family tradition. Having no formal education themselves, Saba and her husband are determined to give their daughters a life much more different from their own. Both Faryal and Saman, aged four were sent to school as soon as they were of age.

This change is already bringing numerous benefits to the household over all. Both of the children repeat everything they learn at school at home, which in turn gives Saba Gul the opportunity to absorb and gain new knowledge. She is also learning how to write by holding her daughters’ hands and tracing the letters using a pencil while they are completing their homework. 

Thus, it can be seen that for some, the community feeder schools hold great importance. It is perhaps, their only chance to acquire education, even if it is through the help of their children.

HOPE’87 aims to further extend this positive externality through its AcCESS project and with the help from partners, donors and communities, the organization intends on helping all. The community feeder schools are open for all, not just the children. It is a hub for everyone who is willing to study, learn and move forward. 

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