Funding ensured for projects in Paraguay and in Chile

From 19th to 24th of May a mission of HOPE'87, led by Secretary General Robert Ottitsch, accompanied a major donor of the German UNESCO Foundation-Education for Children in Need of UNESCO Special Ambassador (Ms) Ohoven, Mr. Michael Keller, to Paraguay and Chile.
Since one year HOPE'87 has been in contact with the First Lady of Paraguay, Dona Mercedes Lugo de Maidana, who visited the HOPE'87 HQ in Vienna last February. Dona Mercedes leads the Association 'Fondacion Madre Paraguaya', a foundation caring especially for indigenous people. 
We would like to thank the Fuerzas Aeras of Paraguay for making the assessment trip to Bahia Negra, situated in the Pantanal, in the utmost Northern corner of the country on the shores of the river Paraguay possible.
In the course of this visit the programme 'Esperanza para Bahia Negra' was developed to fight poverty and to improve the quality of life of the Yshir tribe of Puerto Diana and of the Chamacocos of the adjacent indigenous communities was developed. This programme will be based on education, skills training, income generation and health.
A Community Center will serve as the focal point of the programme providing a place for the indigenous people to meet as well as to organise skills training classes for income generating activities. Successful trainees will be provided with work materials to exercise their profession and to earn a regular income. A new health post will provide the community with necessary basic medical services and a river ambulance boat to reach out to the far away tribal communities such as Puerto Caballo, Puerto Esperanza y Puerto 14 de Mayo. Furthermore, the construction of the 'Salon Multiuso Municipal' of Bahia Negra will be finished and equipment as well as computers for a small cyber cafe will be provided. The five most successful pupils will receive scholarships up to university graduation.
The project will start after this rainy season and will be completed within 24 months. 
In Chile the mission visited the special school 'Maria Alicia Ponce', an institution caring for phsically and mentally challenged children and youth. Situated in San Francisco de Mostazal, about 40km South of Santiago, the Director Ms Mirta Tapia Romero and her most dedicated staff, supported by the energetic young mayor of the town, established this school as a focal point for the whole region to cater for children and youth with special needs. Supported by the Ministry of Education of Chile and the parents, but with a chronical lack of funds, this school nevertheless breathes love, affection and a strong will by all concerned to take up the challenge and to provide education and skills training to the students.
Within the project the burning issue of a transport facility will be tackled with the purchase of a transport vehicle for handicapped persons, i.e. a van equipped with a ramp and lift to facilitate daily commuting and drives.
Furthermore, the existing workshops will be renovated and their equipment improved and the classrooms enlarged to be able to care for 100 children and youth.