News Archive 2010

Women Skills Training Centre

To cater for the needs of women, who constitute a vulnerable segment of Kashmiri society, a Skills Training Centre was established in the HOPE’87’s camp office in Dhulli, Nar Sher Ali Khan. The Centre was set up with 10 sewing machines, 2 embroidery machines, basic infrastructure and other necessary office furniture for students and staff. It provided a six-month skills training course to women including tailoring, embroidery, knitting and designing home decoration items.

Press release: "Früchte aus dem Swat-Tal, Pakistan"

Das Landwirtschaftsprojekt, durchgeführt von HOPE’87 und finanziert von der Europäischen Kommission, fährt trotz der Flutkatastrophe hervorragende Erträge ein

EC funds project in Tajikistan

Press Release
The European Commission allocates € 800,00 to HOPE’87 for:
Improving Income and Living Conditions in Rural areas of Eastern Khatlon through Natural Resource Management and Habitat Improvement 

General Assembly of HOPE'87

On October 20th the annual General Assembly of HOPE’87 took place at the Haus-, Hof- und Staatsarchiv (“Royal Archives”) in Vienna. This year’s meeting counted with the presence of a record number of members, guests and representatives of the diplomatic community and partner NGO present. 

Pakistan - Relief Aid for Flood Victims

The rain started on the 27th of July. At first, people were happy about the rain because it would bring some relief after the heat and crops badly needed the water. However, for eight consecutive days the rain did not stop. The rivers burst their banks and flooded the neighbouring villages and fields, dragging along houses, animals and people.

Haiti - 6 months after the earthquake

On 12th of January 2010 an earthquake with the magnitude of 7,2 of the Richter scale killed about 230.000 people in Haiti. The epicentre was close to the overpopulated capital of Port-au-Prince and destroyed the city totally. 3 Mio. people are affected, from that 2 Mio. persons are displaced and 540.000 live in camps.


With grieve and sorrow we are giving note of the passing away of our beloved mentor, advisor and friend,

Funding ensured for projects in Paraguay and in Chile

From 19th to 24th of May a mission of HOPE'87, led by Secretary General Robert Ottitsch, accompanied a major donor of the German UNESCO Foundation-Education for Children in Need of UNESCO Special Ambassador (Ms) Ohoven, Mr. Michael Keller, to Paraguay and Chile.

Comprehensive pain management in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The aim of the project was to enable war and mine victims to receive proper pain therapy treatment and to improve the skills of medical staff to upgrade the quality of pain therapy in the major cities Sarajevo, Foca and Mostar. To achieve this, Satellite Pain Management Units, functioning and well equipped for pain therapy, were established. This ensured that the medical staff could provide treatment to both hospitalised and external patients.

Vacancy: Consultant - Capacity Building for Habitat Improvement in the Hindu Kush – Tajikistan/ Gorno Badakshan Autonomous Oblast (GBAO), Pakistan /Northern Areas (NA) and Chitral District (NWFP) Pakistan (DCI-NSAPVD/2009/200-804)

1.         Background:

The European Commission (EC), the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) and HOPE’87 (an Austrian NGO) are funding the project Capacity Building for Habitat Improvement in the Hindu Kush (CBHI) for three years, with project start date from 12-12-2009 to be implemented simultaneously in Tajikistan/ Gorno Badakshan Autonomous Oblast (GBAO) and Pakistan /Northern Areas (NA) and Chitral District (NWFP) Pakistan. The overall objective of the action is to contribute to the alleviation of poverty and to achieve an improved quality of life for communities in both countries, with specific objective to contribute to an improved and safer habitat in disaster prone areas of GBAO and Northern Pakistan by Habitat Improvement (HI) activities.