Humanitarian Aid

Humanitarian Aid for victims in Tigray / Ethiopia

In February 2022, HOPE'87, together with the YOU Foundation, launched a project in order to support victims of the civilian war in Tigray, Ethiopia, with the provision of humanitarian aid. Thereby, the operation of a bakery in Tigray and the daily distribution of bread to the civilian victims, is being supported for a period of five months.

Humanitarian Response for Rohingya Refugees

This project aims to provide timely lifesaving assistance and protection, as well as to improve the living conditions and build resilience of Rohingya refugees and affected host communities in Bangladesh.

Humanitarian Aid: distribution of blankets to cold wave affected people

Generally, in Bangladesh during the winter season the temperature remains between 10 to 15 degrees Celsius. In the year 2010, the temperature came down to 4 degrees Celsius and placed the survival of the homeless and the poor in a precarious state, resulting in the deaths of several individuals. In response to this situation HOPE’87 distributed 500 blankets to the most affected people in four districts.

Humanitarian Aid: Muzffargarh Saaf Pani, WASH II

In coordination with ADRA Pakistan, HOPE’87 successfully implemented a WASH project so that the vulnerable population affected by the flood could overcome the situation and improve hygiene practices. The key results of this project included the availability of safe drinking water, the improvement of hygiene practices and the rehabilitation of sanitation facilities. Under the project, 450 water sources and 750 household and school latrines were rehabilitated and 750 vulnerable families were given a health kit and hygiene kits for 8 months to encourage hygienic practices.

Humanitarian Aid: WASH Assistance for floods and conflict victims in Pakistan

The project started in October 2010 and was successfully completed in June 2011. Initially, the project was only approved for the province of KPK, but responding to the needs of Sindh floods of 2011, HOPE’87 requested a contract renewal from the donor ECHO. Fortunately, an additional 325,000 EUR of funds were allocated for the victims of Sindh floods. The part of the project in Sindh was completed on 30th June - the result included the completion of 100 hand pumps, 200 latrines and the distribution of 2,000 water storage and hygiene kits to the most vulnerable families.

Humanitarian Aid: disaster & earthquake prepardness programme/first aid & rescue training

Earthquake experts fear that nearly 40% of all buildings in Dhaka area will be seriously damaged, if a major earthquake ranging from 7 to 7.9 magnitude hits the city. On the other hand, UNDP-CHTDF and GOB declared officially that the Chittagong Hill Tracts region is a zone where earthquakes are very likely. Modern technologies and mass awareness might reduce the losses caused by natural disasters like earthquakes.

HOPE'87 Co-action programme

The Co-action programme provided essential non-bureaucratic and rapid support for people suffering from different problems. Priority was given to women, physically challenged persons, refugees, orphans and underprivileged individuals. The projects undertaken were usually on a small-scale initiative and included essential assistance in medical treatment, access to education and setting up small enterprises. During the reporting period, help for 20 individuals of this kind was provided.

Humanitarian Aid: Clean drinking water improves your health!

In accordance with the health and sanitary servies of Soum Province, the water purification tablet programme was extended. HOPE'87 had discussion meetings with the heads of the health and sanitary services in order to find a way to maintain the distribution of tablets to different villages where the population was in need of drinkable water. This was to reduce the risks of diseases related to polluted water.

Humanitarian Aid: Network support to self-recovery shelter and rehabilitation support for victims of the Typhoon Haiyan

After the destruction that typhoon Haiyan left behind in the Philippines, thousands of people were moved to temporary shelters, such as tents or community facilities, as their own houses were partially or completely destroyed by the storm. The reconstruction of houses thus remains a top priority, even nearly a year after the disaster.

Humanitarian Aid: Distribution of emergency rescue kits

Lack of knowledge and insufficient disaster preparedness often hinder immediate rescue and support missions after a severe event. In order to increase people's chances of survival and decrease their vulnerability in case of an emergency, HOPE'87 procured special rescue kit boxes to be distributed in risk areas. These boxes consist of fire proof jackets, blankets, helmets, stretchers, hammers, knifes, saws, axes, wrenches, jags, portable oxygen bars, torches, pliers, pillows, rain coats, canvas, rope and other tools and materials.