Emergency Response

Humanitarian Aid: distribution of blankets to cold wave affected people

Generally, in Bangladesh during the winter season the temperature remains between 10 to 15 degrees Celsius. In the year 2010 the temperature came down to 4 degrees Celsius and placed the survival of the homeless and the poor in a precarious state, resulting in the deaths of several individuals. In response to this situation HOPE’87 distributed 500 blankets to the most affected people in four districts.

HOPE'87 Co-action programme

The Co-action programme provides essential non-bureaucratic and rapid support for people suffering from different problems. Priority is given to women, physically challenged persons, refugees, orphans and underprivileged individuals. The projects undertaken are usually on a small-scale initiative and they include essential assistance in medical treatment, access to education and setting up small enterprises. During the reporting period, help for 20 individuals of this kind was provided. The Co-action programme is supported by many individuals and private organisations.

Humanitarian Aid: Distribution of emergency rescue kits

A lack of knowledge and insufficient disaster preparedness often hinder immediate rescue and support missions after a severe event. In order to increase people's chances of survival and decrease their vulnerability in case of an emergency, HOPE'87 procured special rescue kit boxes to be distributed in risk areas. These boxes consist of fire proof jackets, blankets, helmets, stretchers, hammers, knifes, saws, axes, wrenches, jags, portable oxygen bars, torches, pliers, pillows, rain coats, canvas, rope and other tools and materials.

Distribution of water purification tablets

With generous support of "Apotheker helfen e.V.", HOPE'87 distributed 1.000.000 Water Purification Tablets (WPT) as needed in disaster areas. 10.000 families benefited from this relief activity.

Emergency Aid Haiyan - Philippines

In response to the disastrous situation after typhoon Haiyan struck the central parts of the Philippines in early November 2013, emergency assistance activities were implemented over a period of three months, targeting families severely hit by the typhoon.

HOPE for the people affected by the Sahel Crisis

The project “HOPE for the People Affected by the Sahel Crisis” – Emergency relief for Malian Refugees and livelihood support for local pastoralists in Burkina Faso” was implemented in two phases in the rural community of Nassoumbou in the province Soum in the Sahel region. The project objective was to improve the humanitarian situation of the people affected by the current food and refugee crisis in Burkina Faso, sustaining and safeguarding the life and health of beneficiaries, alleviating their suffering and preserving their human dignity.