Development Project

Support for technical skills training at a district level

In accordance with its principle mandate to create employment opportunities both in urban and rural areas, HOPE’87 provides technical and financial support to the local community based organisations (CBOs) to conduct skills training and literacy programmes. Training programmes for local youths and children were organised and successful trainees were awarded with attendance certificates. In 7 districts, skills training courses are conducted in cooperation with the local CBOs, where unemployed young men and women have the choice attending certified courses in computer training and tailoring.

Technical / vocational training for employment of disadvantaged urban youth

The project provides practical training in welding, electrical house wiring, car driving, tailoring and computer skills to 482 unemployed youths and students. The project funds will cover the running costs and trainers’ salary of the Training Centre, which was set up with the financial support of the European Commission and the Austrian Government in the year 2001. Necessary training equipment, machinery and furniture will be provided by HOPE’87 from its ongoing project “Hope Technical Training Centre in Old Dhaka”.

Children's drawing competition

The pupils of the “Ralf Zacherl” school of Taonsgho and the Kandara school of Ouagadougou in the central region of Burkina Faso participated in the «Arts Party 2010» organised by Ms Tomoko Watanabe from ANT-Hiroshima. The events aim was to develop the creativity of children from 4 to 12 years. Their artwork was on exhibition in Hiroshima and any profits from sales were sent to both schools, where the funds would be allocated to the purchase of school equipment (notebooks, pens, pencils and books) and canteen equipment (pots and cooking utensils).

International youth exchange programme

Ms Tan Yen Lin from Dunman High School, Singapore, expressed her experience in this programme with the following words: “It was definitely an eye-opening, life changing trip. I see things differently now. The trip beyond the objectives of assisting the locals in the communities of Bangladesh was a journey of self-discovery”.

Arts Party 2011

ANT-Hiroshima, a long-term partner of HOPE’87, annually organises the Arts Party which aims at developing and empowering children in being creative through art. The programme, called “Arts Party 2011- 9th Annual exhibition of children’s art from around the World”, was held from December 14th to 19th 2011 in Hiroshima. Children from 13 countries participated in this exhibition. HOPE’87-Bangladesh sent 20 paintings of children to the exhibition programme and all little masterpieces were highly appreciated by the Japanese audience.

Strenghten community initiatives to sustain community-based services in Bandarban district

For many years UNDP has successfully operated Mobile Satellite Clinics in very remote areas of this district where no health support infrastructure is available. The aim of the project was to support and to strengthen the community. For instance, the Satellite Clinic Management Committee members (SCMCs) were motivated to sustain these community based health services in the future.

Hope for the Ayoreo children of Carmelo Peralta

This project is also located in the Chaco Region in Carmelo Peralta, a distant city in Alto Paraguay, which is part of the Paraguayan Pantanal. The Ayoreo tribe needed a small multifunctional youth centre, a place where young people could meet on a regular basis to pass their time, to read and to exchange information, to plan how to save and to live their cultural heritage and also to get skills training for income generation.

Enabling access to affordable quality education through a centre of excellence for underprivileged/low income groups

The project was successfully completed in December 2012. It was co-funded by TEDDS (Trust for Education and Development of Deserving Students) and through the Pakistan-Italian Debt for Development Swap Agreement (PIDSA). The project was initiated in December 2010 as a two-year-project in which HOPE’87-Pakistan provided monitoring and evaluation services during the project implementation. Moreover, a purpose-built school campus with modern educational tools, equipment, and furniture is now available.

Skills training for self employment STEC

There are two established training centres in Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) focusing on skills development of young people in order to create self-employment opportunities. The local partner NGO TOYMU is running these training centres with financial and technical support from HOPE’87. Previously, no such residential and non-residential skills training centres existed in the very remote areas of Chittagong Hill Tracts. Therefore, many young people, particularly girls and adolescents, remained unskilled, neglected, deprived and thus marginalised.

International youth exchange programme-community learning trip to development projects

HOPE'87-Bangladesh arranges youth exchange programmes between Bangladesh and other countries every year in order to promote youth networks, the sharing of experience and the creation of opportunities to acquire practical knowledge on education and youth employment initiatives. In 2013, four exchange programmes were arranged on a reciprocal basis and 48 visitors and young people took part in the programme.