Development Project

Kinderlachen für Peru

Project Description

The aim of the HOPE’87 project in Peru is to create an atmosphere of close cooperation and exchange within the local community of “24 de Diciembre”, located in the district of San Juan de Lurigancho (Lima/Peru) and to improve the quality of life of young children under the age of 5.

Rehabilitation and social integration for the youth in BiH - a community approach to rehabilitation and integration

Project Description

The overall objective of the project is to improve the opportunities of people with disabilities (civil war and mine victims and specifically disadvantaged young people) in order to facilitate a physical and intellectual participation in the socio-economic life in Bosnia Herzegovina.

Integrated project to fight poverty in the suburbs of Dakar

Project Description

The second phase of this project started in June 2012. This phase includes the construction of the four remaining classrooms in the public primary school in Parcelles Assainies Unité 10 Dakar, as well as the equipment of the computer room in the public primary school in Parcelles Assainies Unité 24 Dakar.


Renovation of the Tesfa Ligos Kindergarten

Tesfa Ligos Kindergarten in Kirkos was founded in 2004 through an initiative of community members. The project was implemented by HOPE’87 and Godanaw and construction expenditure was covered by the UNESCO Foundation and HOPE’87 respectively. Despite great efforts of the school administration, local government and non-governmental organisations, the kindergarten has been facing various challenges in addressing the rising demand for quality child education in the area.

Night School for street children

To keep children safe and reintegrate them into the community HOPE’87 initiated an education programme for underprivileged working and street children. At the beginning 300 street children were selected from Old Dhaka City to attend evening classes in the “Night School”. Most of these children are working in small factories during daytime and are thus not able to attend a regular school. Now they receive a formal primary education in the Night School from 6.00 pm to 8.30 pm, 6 days a week. They are provided with free services like school uniforms, books and other educational materials.

Fight against poverty: Increase of cereal production in vulnerable rural households

Project Description

The overall objective of this project is to contribute to the reduction of food insecurity in rural areas of Burkina Faso, specifically by increasing the cereal production in rural households in Komki-Ipala.

Women's struggle against malnutrition

This sub-regional project, implemented in Mali and Burkina Faso, fights against malnutrition of women and children, taking into account the traditional knowledge of African women about high nutritional local food products. Several workshops and seminars were organized, addressing especially young mothers, emphasizing the collection of traditional knowledge of local plants, vegetables, herbs and recipes.

Professional training of youth in Nabelin (Phase I + II)

In July 2011, HOPE’87 launched the revitalization of its Professional Training Centre at Nabelin. This new stage allowed the training of 2,000 young people (boys and girls). These training activities included dressmaking courses, welding, mechanics of motorbikes and cars, agriculture and livestock farming. HOPE’87 was supported by the Burkina Faso Ministry for Professional Training, Youth and Employment.