School construction and material supply for Dola Para Primary School

Chittagong Hill Tracts
Project Description: 

HOPE'87 Bangladesh and its local partner NGO "Humanitarian Foundation"- with financial support from the Austrian Embassy in New Delhi in cooperation with the Austrian Honorary Consulate in Dhaka - constructed a school building consisting of two class rooms and a veranda.

School furniture (high and low benches), solar panels for light, water purifying filters and teaching and learning material (writing pads, pens, curriculum, blackboard) for the school were also provided.

The project now allows for a permanent access to primary education for the children of Dola Para.

Project Background: 

Dola Para is a remote village in Bandarban Hill district, located about 50 km from the district's main town. The village can only be reached by four-wheel-drive vehicles and an additional 30 minutes walk. The villagers subsist on slash and burn cultivation, locally known as "Jum" with a very meager return.

So far, there has never been a school building in the village. Daily school classes and lessons were held outside and therefore depend very much on weather conditions. Extreme heat as well as strong rainfalls made teaching and learning almost impossible.