Kinderlachen für Peru

Non-violent and aged-based education for infants from the „24 DE DICIEMBRE“ community in Lima
Lima, San Juan de Lurigancho
Project Duration: 
01/01/2013 to 31/01/2014
UNESCO- Education for Children in Need, HOPE'87
Project Description: 

Project Description

The aim of the HOPE’87 project in Peru is to create an atmosphere of close cooperation and exchange within the local community of “24 de Diciembre”, located in the district of San Juan de Lurigancho (Lima/Peru) and to improve the quality of life of young children under the age of 5. To achieve this goal, various initiatives have been conducted with great support from educational institutions and local authorities. During the implementation process progress had been made, especially in the area of awareness raising regarding the vital role of professional childcare and early education practice. As a result of regular meetings and locally organised information campaigns many families showed growing interest in the project activities. Based on the findings of locally conducted surveys as well as of two educational programmes, PRONEI (Programa NO escolarizado de educación inicial) and “Cun Más” (national programme), specific strategies and curricula had been elaborated collectively in order to offer a safer and more stable public and private environment for young children. On the one hand, this project promotes activities, such as capacity building and training sessions for personnel in local schools and nurseries, mainly focusing on non-violent, inclusive and empathic education methods. On the other hand, encounters and workshops are organised which focus on broadening the knowledge and understanding within the local community concerning child protection methods and children’s rights.

HOPE’87 gets strong support from their local partner Asociación Kallpa, a very experienced Peruvian NGO focussing on indigenous children and youth. Kallpa cooperates with local authorities and educational institutions in the district of San Juan de Lurichango to develop participatory capacity building strategies focusing on childcare and protection.

Cross cutting issues: 

Democracy & Human Rights, Capacity Development

Project Background: 

Peru rates among the poorest countries of Latin America. Poverty affects
especially children and teenagers resulting in high malnutrition and infant
mortality rates. HOPE'87 partner organization "KALLPA" has successfully
worked for the "24 de Diciembre" community since 2001, implementing food
banks in order to supply the community with sufficient food and improve
their nutritional situation. This stimulated further activities to improve
living conditions in the community resulting in the establishment of a
center that targets children aged 3 to 5 and the establishment of basic
health care services.