Blogger training in Baraka

Dakar, Liberté VI "Baraka"
Project Duration: 
01/02/2016 to 30/11/2017
YOU Foundation-Education for Children in Need, HOPE`87
Project Description: 

The overall program “Construction of the Cité Baraka” was set up by the YOU Foundation-Education for Children in Need in cooperation with the worldwide construction company ORASCOM. The main objective is to transform “Baraka”, a slum area in the district Liberté VI in Dakar and home to about 1.600 inhabitants, into a modern quarter with a functioning infrastructure, newly built 210 apartments, market place, primary school, health center and income generating activities.

In order to display the whole developmental processes in a transparent way and to inform tenants as well as donors alike about the planned activities, the “Baraka Blog” was created and can be accessed via the following link

In order to successfully create and run an interesting blog, certain technical skills are necessary. Therefore, three young people living in Baraka received an intensive training in blogging methods. Katharina Leuck, a well-known German blogger stayed in Senegal for three months to support the creation of the blog and to guide and train the three young bloggers. The topics of the blog mainly focus on education, health, water and sanitation in the slum. The blog also contains a variety of local stories and talks about traditional customs and the people living in Baraka. Over time the blog also developed to be a mouthpiece lending the population of Baraka a voice of visibility, respect and recognition within their own community and the world. One main target of the project was to raise the general self-esteem of the population. In this regard, the Baraka district has clearly undergone a significant progress. In order to get yourself an idea of this progress, browse through the local stories and updates on the project’s activities!

Project Background: 

There are many climatic and poverty  issues given in Senegal a Sahelian country. There have been a lot of  improvements in regard to the political and economic situation identifiable. However, it should be clearly stated  that Senegal still fell from 163rd to 170th position in the most recent Human Development INDEX reported  by UNDP(2014). A main initiative of HOPE`87 is to raise awareness towards the poor living conditions of the poorest population in Senegal. The central objective of HOPE`87 is to support  Senegal in raising its development process. Baraka is a slum district in the capital of Dakar. A main objective of HOPE`87 is to transform Baraka into a modern district where training facilities and new possibilities for employment are given.