20.000 marching in Vienna for the rights of refugees...

It was an amazing view of 20.000 people from all walks of life and all ages coming together yesterday evening around 8pm and then marching towards the Vienna city center, on the magnificent Ring-boulevard and to the Parliament!

Experiences of a volunteer teacher in Bangladesh

For many years HOPE’87 has facilitated for young people to do an internship either at the General Secretariat in Vienna or at one of the 12 Country Offices worldwide.

Caroline Jäckl is an experienced teacher in Vienna. She chose Bangladesh for such an exceptional stay during her own holidays. Here is what she says…

Devastating flooding in Pakistan

In Pakistan heavy monsoon rains, the rapid melting of snow and outbursts from glacial lakes from the 16th to 22nd of July have led to devastating flash floods and the flooding of the Indus River in various locations across Pakistan.

A Safer Tomorrow – Institutionalising disaster preparedness in education system

The project "A safer Tomorrow" focuses on the integration of the „School Based Disaster Risk Management“ (SBDRM) model into the governmental system of the Pakistani Province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP). The project is co-financed by ECHO, ADC and HOPE'87.

Internship at HOPE'87 General Secretariat, Vienna

The HOPE'87 General Secretariat in Vienna is looking for a volunteer who would like to spend 6 months with our HQ in Vienna.

A warm welcome to the newly appointed Austrian Ambassador to Dakar

Last week H.E. Ambassador Dr Caroline Gudenus paid a visit to the HOPE'87 projects in Medina Chérif and Mampatim in the Region de Kolda in the deep South of Senegal.