Message of Condolence

It is with deep sadness that we announce the unexpected passing of our long-time board member, Mr Heinz Vettermann.

World Humanitarian Day

  •  On the 19th of August we celebrated the World Humanitarian Day.

United Nations International Youth Day

  • On the 12th of August we are celebrating the UN-International Youth Day.
  • Sport is an important means to connect to each other and gives hope also in difficult situations. Especially for the youth, the importance of community sports for identity formation cannot be underestimated.

Praktikum/Volontariat im Generalsekretariat von HOPE'87

Praktikum/Volontariat im Generalsekretariat HOPE'87


Wie lange?

Mindestdauer: 6 Monate: 2 Tage/ pro Woche (ca. 350 Stunden)


HOPE’87, eine österreichische Initiative, wurde als Antwort auf das Internationale Jugendjahr der Vereinten Nationen gegründet.