"Cité Baraka: from a slum to a new district" in Senegal

It all started about two years ago, when UNESCO Special Ambassador Dr Ute Ohoven decided to finally resolve the problems of the nearly 1.600 slum dwellers of Baraka, a shantytown in the very middle of the capital Dakar.

Give them a Chance: socio-educational integration of highly vulnerable children in Petit-Goâve/ Haiti

Haiti has an illiteracy rate of 47.1%, making education a key to development, social transformation and breaking the cycle of poverty. Although the government launched a free primary education program in 2011, the most vulnerable children have not benefited from this reform. With public schools accounting for less than 20% of schools in the country, access remains extremely limited.

ECHO Soudure - Prevention of under-nutrition through food assistance and nutrition, an ECHO financed humanitarian aid project

The most recent food crisis impacting agro-pastoralists in the Sahel region led to the ECHO response plan of the 2016 Humanitarian Implementation Plan for Burkina Faso (“ECHO-Soudure”), covering the Oudalan province and provinces in the East and Centre-Nord regions. It is an emergency aid action financed by DG ECHO and led by a set of NGOs including the Sahel Consortium under the leadership of OXFAM, within a common framework of action comprising Christian Aid, Danish Refugees Council, GVC, HOPE’87, OCADES, SOS Sahel, Action against Hunger and Save the Children.

HOPE’87 – unbezahltes Volontariat

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Mindestdauer: 6 Monate: 2 Tage/ pro Woche (ca. 350 Stunden)


HOPE’87, eine österreichische Initiative, wurde als Antwort auf das Internationale Jugendjahr der Vereinten Nationen gegründet.

HOPE’87 ist eine Organisation, die praktisch und effizient junge Leute weltweit beratend und finanziell unterstützt, ihre eigenen Ideen für kleine, regional entwickelte Projekte auf den Gebieten Ausbildung, Landwirtschaft, Handwerk und Dienstleistung zu verwirklichen.

Building community resilience to disaster by promoting and mainstreaming disaster risk management (DRM) and climate adaption initiatives

Globally, disasters are occurring at an alarming frequency and with increased severity, especially in Asia. Along with climate change related crises, disasters create humanitarian and development challenges. Around the world, the number and severity of disasters has grown and Nepal is no exception.