Exhibition of Mateja Kregar-Tršar

From April 2nd to May 7th, 2011 the HOPE'87 Branch Office in Sarajevo hosts an exhibition of the young architect Mateja Kregar-Tršar from Slovenia. 

Capacity Building and Skills Training in Bangladesh

The HOPE’87-Bangladesh Country Office was established in 1990 and ever since then has focused on supporting target groups such as disabled children, orphans, working children and indigenous people. Activities focused on youth skills training, income generation, social awareness training, youth development and international exchange. A second area of attention for HOPE’87 in Bangladesh is humanitarian aid, as Bangladesh is regularly affected by natural disasters (floods, landslides, cyclones). Following the general approach of HOPE’87, special attention is paid to a close cooperation with the local community and local partner organisations, as well as the involvement and exchange with national authorities and international organisations.

Lahore project for hearing impaired youth receives 150.000€

With an initial funding of 98.000 €  the project, co-financed by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA), established an IT centre providing 8 different types of  skills courses, 3 months each, for students of marginalised classes of society and for people with special needs (deaf and mute).

HOPE for the flood victims in Pakistan

Approximately six month ago, floods caused by the monsoon destroyed great parts of Pakistan. As HOPE’87 maintains a permanent branch office in Islamabad - HOPE’87-Pakistan - we were one of the first Austrian relief organizations on site to assist with humanitarian aid. The Austrian Government declared its commitment to fund the humanitarian aid activities in the water sector.

Press release: "Früchte aus dem Swat-Tal, Pakistan"

Das Landwirtschaftsprojekt, durchgeführt von HOPE’87 und finanziert von der Europäischen Kommission, fährt trotz der Flutkatastrophe hervorragende Erträge ein