YES Center of Tangail- Inauguration Ceremony

The YES Center of Tangail is heading into its second successful year. 

The initiative: empowering youth and especially young women through job and skill training, has been a driving force for this project. 

The YES Center has trained 525 youth (80% being females) with life skills, improving their economic self-reliance as well as their self-empowerment. 

Miles for Knowledge

Imagine being back in the first grade, and having to walk over two hours every morning, just to get to school.

You cannot?

That is probably because a two hour walk every morning should not be imaginable for a first grader.

AcCESS project - Setting New Traditions

In the small village of Nasir Pur Peshawar lives Shabnum. The young girl belongs to a family of six siblings, all of whom come daily to attend classes at their local community feeder school.

The Secretary General's mission to Senegal

For the last couple of weeks Mr Robert Ottitsch, Secretary General of HOPE'87, was on mission in Senegal with the Vice President of the YOU Foundation - Education for Children in Need, Ms Claudia Jerger, and the UNESCO Special Ambassador and President of the YOU Foundation, Dr Ute H. Ohoven.

Success story in celebration of the UN-International Day of Education - Road to Education

Aspirations. We all have them. Working day and night to reach up to the expectations that we have set for ourselves. For many children residing around the rural parts of Pakistan these aspirations are often left unfulfilled. 

Results achieved through the YES Center Hanoi project

YES Center Hanoi- a youth empowerment through skills training project of HOPE’87 in cooperation with the YOU Foundation- Education for Children in Need and ADRA… more than 1.000 students joined the workplace skills training classes… enjoy the video about tailoring, cooking, bartending, cosmetics and beauty care, communication, disaster risk reduction, entrepreneurship and life skills...