Update on the YES Center Tangail

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the entire world, including all education systems. Consequently, the majority of pupils had to be educated temporarily out of school. With close to 40 million children enrolled in school, Bangladesh's education system is among the countries most affected by the crisis.

Due to the fact that out-of-school education varies in quality of each household's unique socio-economic status, access to technology as well as the parental capabilities, vulnerable children and young people are experiencing more difficulties in accessing their right to education during this pandemic.

After the COVID-19 lockdown was lifted by the government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, HOPE'87 was able to continue its educational work under caution of all COVID-19 preventive measures within the YES Center Tangail, whose main training venue is the BASA Training & Research Center (BTRC) located in Pekua, Mirzapur Upazila in Tangail District.

The center aims to empower the youth, especially girls and young women, by strengthening their skills and by supporting them in economic self-reliance - which is more important than ever due to the pandemic.

The YES Center offers diverse courses in sewing, ICT, English proficiency, cosmetology, hospitality as well as life skills development classes which aim to strengthen the youth's self-esteem and promote knowledge on the subject of human rights.

Additionally, disaster risk reduction (DRR) activities are demonstrated by the Bangladeshi fire brigades on a regular basis.

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