Update on the project "Resilience and income generation in the Sahel - 6-approaches for a sustainable development"

On July 1st, 2020 the project "Resilience and Income Generation in the Sahel - 6 Approaches for a Sustainable Development" of the United Teams - the strategic alliance of the YOU Foundation and HOPE'87 was implemented by HOPE’87 in Koloko (Burkina Faso) and Finkolo (Mali).

Since its' implementation the project has continued to benefit agricultural farmers, poultry farmers, female workers for waste collection and precarious family households - just to name a few - by training and sensitizing them for a more efficient and economical use of the available drinking water through WASH initiatives and by teaching them on how to improve the quantity of required water for better agricultural yields. Moreover, some beneficiaries were educated on the harmful consequences of environmental pollution and therefore trained in waste separation, waste storage and waste transport in order to protect the environment, which in return is beneficial for a good quality of life.

These initiatives are especially helpful in the context of the global pandemic as economic and social shocks have led to precarious living conditions among the populations.

The project is generously funded by "ZF hilft" and continues to serve the needs of its' beneficiaries.

Have a look at recent pictures from the project!