UN World Day Against Child Labour - Update on the Milon Night School

In light of the upcoming UN World Day Against Child Labour on 12th of June, HOPE’87 would like to celebrate the Milon Night School project in Bangladesh, Dhaka. This project initiated an educational programme for underprivileged children such as street and working children by providing them with basic education in evening classes.

Despite tremendous efforts of the Bangladeshi government against child labour, many children still find themselves in precarious living conditions, which make it hard for them to pursue an education. According to UNICEF 4.3 million children aged between six and 15 years were still out of schools in 2019 in Bangladesh.

Hence the Milon Night School operates from 6.00 pm to 8.30 pm, 6 days a week, as most of the children have to work during daytime and are thus not able to attend regular school classes. Besides primary education according to the national syllabus, the Night School also offers adults literacy classes, regular free health services with necessary medication, psycho-social support by a team of dedicated teachers and social workers and extra-curricular activities for the children like visits to the National Museum, the zoo or to a public pool for swimming lessons! 

As soon as the Covid-restrictions will be terminated, the Milon Night School will open again its doors and warmly welcome their students back to class.

One small step in the right direction can change people’s lives in a positive way forever. HOPE’87 is thus thankful for the opportunity to be able to serve people’s needs and having been able to implement the Milon Night School project as well as many other educational projects, such as e.g. the Mobile Quality School project in Dhaka and Chittagong.

In its beginning, the Night School project would not have been possible without the generous financial support of the City of Vienna!

Please also have a look at our photos from the Night School project in Dhaka (ante Covid).