Success story – YES Centre Hospet, India

In cooperation with the Bangalore Rural Educational and Development Society (BREADS), HOPE’87 has enabled a magnificent project with a special focus on the empowerment of girls and young women though skills training at the YES Centre India. These activities are actively supported by HOPE’87 Bangladesh – ensuring women like Pushpalatha Sindya, a 21-year-old woman from Chikkajogihalli, close to the YES Centre in Hospet, to develop her skills further.

This is her success story in her own words: “When I was two-years-old, when my mom and dad got separated. My mom went back to her father’s village and began working in a school as a support staff to take care of me. I grew up under the care of my grandmother as my mother was at her working place during the day. While being in the village, my mom would often get taunted by my neighbours as she was not living with my dad. Unable to face the reproaches any longer and also to look out for a better job to provide for my studies, my mom decided to leave the village.

Because of her experience as support staff in the village school, my mom was offered a job in Navodaya School as matron. Since it was a residential school, my mom and I were given a place in the hostel of the school to stay at.

In 2015, my mom lost her job at Navodaya School. Consequently, she had to vacate the room. So, my mom went to look for a job in different places and I was left alone at school. I was in class 12 back then. I could not concentrate on my studies as my mom was jobless and had no place to stay at. She was battling alone to take care of me. She could not go back to the village because of the social stigma attached to a woman separated from her husband. She could not anymore go back to my dad as he was already remarried. I was psychologically dejected. Consequently, I failed several exams of that year and had to leave the hostel as I could not continue the studies.

My mom requested one of her cousins to let me live with them until she got a good job. I remained with them for two years. I did not know how my life was going to move on. I could not see any future for myself and for my mom. I thought it was time that I began supporting my mom in easing out the pain and suffering she was going through.

I got to know through one of the neighbours about the Fashion Designing course at YES Centre, Hospet. so I joined the YES Centre in November 2018. I liked the atmosphere of discipline and cordiality that exists at the YES Centre. The trainers here are available to the students and take personal interest in ensuring that we learn the tailoring skills well.

Through the life-skills sessions and counselling, I was guided and assisted to cope up with the mental stress and depression I was going through. Understanding that I was suffering due to my mom being jobless. The YES Centre offered a place at the hostel for my mom to stay until she got a job. This gave me serenity and peace of mind. I cannot thank enough the YES Centre for being so empathetic to my pain and suffering.

In the month of May 2019, after the completion of the training, I began working in Garelli Garments. I was extremely delighted and happy that now I could support my mother financially. Providentially, my mom got a job too in June 2019 at Yadgiri, a little bit further away from the YES Centre.

The six months training at YES Centre was a life-changing event of my life. I have grown strong emotionally, mentally and psychologically. There are challenges ahead but the YES Centre has taught me not to get bogged down with the difficulties of life. The YES Centre has breathed into me courage and strength to scale the mountains. The meaning of my name, Pushpalatha is flower creeper. The flower creepers climb up the walls defying gravity. I am resolved that this is going to be the goal of my life – no giving up but emerge victorious amidst life’s challenges and struggles.“