SAHEL - Burkina Faso declares crisis

The Sahel region is facing a severe food and nutrition crisis with an estimated 15 million people at risk of food insecurity and more than 1 million children at risk of acute severe malnutrition. Among other countries Burkina Faso has called for national and international solidarity.  

The looming crisis is due to a combination of drought, sharp declines in cereal production, high grain prices, a shortage of fodder for livestock, a reduction in remittances from migrant workers in several countries environmental degradation, displacement and chronic poverty deepened by chronic crisis.

In addition, the region has to cope with an estimated 172.000 displaced persons, mostly women and children, due to the conflict in northern Mali. Burkina Faso reported a total of 21.153 Malian and Touareg refugees (UN OCHA report of 04 March 2012) most of them located in camps in the northern provinces Soum and Oudalan. 

In order to respond to the urgent needs of Touareg refugees and the local population in terms of food and sanitation, HOPE'87 is currently preparing a humanitarian intervention in Djibo, Soum province. The intervention encompasses the distribution of food and hygiene kits to the most vulnerable- children, pregnant women, women-led households and people with special needs. It will be deployed in the next few weeks, while currently medical support needs are being assessed.



HOPE'87 Burkina Faso