Saaf Pani WASH Project

A new cooperation of ADRA and HOPE'87

Overall Objective: To provide humanitarian and rehabilitation assistance to vulnerable people affected by the flood 2010 in Pakistan.

One year ago approximately 20 million people have been affected by one of the severest floods in Pakistan targeting an area of more than 100,000, spread over 78 districts with at least 1,67 Mio homes damaged or destroyed. In the project area, the district Muzaffargarh around 131,293 houses have been partially or completely damaged because of floodwaters. The total loss due to flood in the district has been estimated at 16,66 billion PKR. Up till now more than 130.000 households are without sanitation facilities, 24 drinking water supply schemes providing water to an estimated 200,000 people are non-functional and 36 drainage schemes have been damaged by the flood 2010.

Based on a needs assessment conducted jointly, HOPE'87 and ADRA have been awarded a WASH project from Aktion Deutschland Hilft (ADH). The specific objective will be to provide increased access to and use of rehabilitated drinking water and sanitation facilities and improved knowledge on hygiene practices to the vulnerable population affected by the floods in Pakistan, 2010. In the frame of the project 30 new water sources, 420 handpumps as well as 750 latrines will be rehabilitated and reconstructed. Hygiene practices will be improved through promoters' visits and distribution of 6.000 consumable hygiene kits, 1.500 leaflets and 300 posters.

HOPE'87 as the local partner of ADRA-Pakistan will ensure field office and main office coordination in respect to the best interest of the project objectives.

Short facts

Project location: District Muzaffargarh, Punjab, Pakistan

Duration: 1st of August 2011 until 31st of July 2012

Target beneficiaries: approximately 5.400 individuals