Press release by the Secretary General of HOPE’87, March 10th 2020, COVID-19/Coronavirus

With regard to the coronavirus related situation and in line with the recommendations of the Austrian Government issued today Tuesday 10th of March 2020 noon time, I have enacted Phase Two of our organisational HOPE’87 Security Plan, which reads as follows:

Phase Two

Restricted movement 

This phase signifies a much higher level of alert and imposes major restrictions on the movement of all staff members and their families. During Phase Two all staff members and their families will be required to remain at home unless otherwise instructed. No travel, either incoming or within the country, will occur unless specifically authorized by the Designated Field Security Officer as essential travel. …   

All HQ staff will therefore work from home as of tomorrow Wednesday until further notice… We ask for your understanding that our work will proceed much slower and that we might not have access to documents kept in the office.

Our team will be permanently online as well as on Skype from 10am till 5pm CET. 

For detailed information about the coronavirus and on how to protect yourself please consult the following link of the World Health Organization.


All the best,

Robert Ottitsch

Secretary General