PRESS RELEASE: HOPE'87 and ESEF to begin a new educational opportunities project in Pakistan

HOPE'87 Pakistan is partnering with the Elementary & Secondary Education Foundation (ESEF) to begin a new project: Community-led Education Opportunities in Pakistan (CEOP) with financial support from the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC). This proposed project is a scaled-up, or enhanced version of the project "Supporting Education in Emergencies in Pakistan" (SEEP), which is also run by ESEF.

The project's proposition is to give marginalized out-of-school children (especially girls) the chance to have access to quality educational opportunities in supported and safe learning environments in Pakistan. The objective is to increase the enrolment of girls and to reduce the drop-out rate in the community across 7 districts in Pakistan. Improved access to educational facilities, learning opportunities through community mobilization, teachers' capacity building and improved governance are the goals that the project proposes.

A total of 11,917 people will benefit from this project. This includes 9,867 children (5,920 girls and 3,947 boys across 2 districts), 1,650 Village Education Committee (VEC) members and 400 teachers. When analyzing the current trends, about 40% of children drop out of Girls Community Schools (GCS). Through this project and its activities, that number will be reduced to about 15%. 150 communities will see improved support, especially to the VEC members. Additionally, 400 teachers will receive training throughout the 7 districts.

The establishment of 20 new schools is also in the works, which will be built in areas that do not have government provision. This will reduce the number of children dropping out of their education. It will not only increase access to education for children who have been away from school but will also increase ESEF's capacity to improve upon learning outcomes.

HOPE’87’s efforts under this project will take place within existing systems and/or to build and strengthen systems that are prescribed for in policies of the Ministry of Elementary & Secondary Education. 

The project is co-funded by the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC), who continue to support educational opportunities for children throughout Pakistan.

For more information about the project, please contact our project officers: