Mission of HOPE'87 General Secretariat to Chisinau/Republic of Moldova

During their mission to the Republic of Moldova in February 2010 Secretary General Robert Ottitsch and Desk Officer Dr. Maisa Khalil met all relevant stakeholders concerning the project “HOPE for the children of Moldova”. A formal meeting with high representatives of the Government as well as with the desk officer of Austrian Development Agency (ADA) for the Republic of Moldova and the coordinator of ADA in Chisinau and Chargé a.i. of the Austrian Embassy constituted the highlight of the mission.
A very constructive atmosphere and the readiness of all stakeholders to cooperate in achieving the ambitious goal to create an Educational Unit for long-term hospitalized children at the Institute of Oncology in Chisinau and to think about a Bone Marrow Transplantation Unit in the near future characterized the meeting.
In the meantime also the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic expressed its intention to support this HOPE’87 project together with ADA and UNESCO.

The participants included the following persons:
-       Prof. Dr. Victor Cernat, Director of the Institute of Oncology
-       Ms Elena Turcov, Adviser to the Speaker of Moldovan Parliament, University Professor,
-       Mr. Gheorghe Turcanu, Vice-Minister of Health
-       Representatives of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Social Protection,
-       Delegates of the Chisinau Municipality
-       Mr. Christopher Opancar, SEE Regional, BH, Moldova, ADA
-       Mr. Michael Schieder, Coordinator of ADA-Chisiau,
-       Mr. Robert Ottitsch, SG of HOPE’87,
-       Ms. Maisa Khalil, Desk Officer Moldova, HOPE’87
-       Prof. Constantin Rusnac, SG, UNESCO National Commission of the RoM
-       Ms. Luminita Drumea, Deputy SG, UNESCO National Commission of the RoM
-       Experts of the Institute of Educational Sciences, the State Pedagogic University and the General School Nr. 81
-       Mr. Andrei Girleanu, ADRA-Moldova
-       Medical experts of the Institute of Oncology