Mission of HOPE'87 and YOU-Foundation to Dakar in November 2016

HOPE’87-Senegal is a proud partner of the YOU Foundation-Education for Children in Need for the reconstruction of the slum „Baraka“ in downtown Dakar, the capital of Senegal.
A delegation of the YOU Foundation, led by UNESCO Special Ambassador Dr Ute H. Ohoven and comprising Claudia Jerger (Vice President of the Foundation), Stefan Zingerle ( Prof Bruno Braun (Chairperson of the Federation of German Architects (Düsseldorf), Prof. Jochen Schuster (Peter Behrens School of Art/ Dep of Architecture and Design), André Zalbertus (journalist and media expert), Kai Maximilian Rainer (designer), Prof Dr Antje Schuster (University Hospital Düsseldorf, Dep. for Pediatric Pneumology), Dr Sonja Freund (pediatrician)  and HOPE’87 Secretary General Robert Ottitsch, visited the project site to get a clear picture of the preparatory work that has accomplished so far.

An outreach project, carried out by HOPE’87-Senegal under the leadership of Mr Boubacar Mané during the past 6 months,  aimed to inform the inhabitants of the Baraka slum both about the rehabilitation activities addressing the built environment as well as the behavioural changes from them that will be necessary. Home visits, talks, group meetings and village gatherings have focused on the construction work and the opportunity to relocate families from slum huts, without running water, electricity or indoor plumbing, to apartments in newly constructed houses where they will have the opportunity to gain ownership after 10 years of residency. 

During the mission, two doctors assessed the health status of the children of Baraka and treated those in need. The architects and Mr Zingerle collected the last information related to the size of the construction plot in order to present the Ministry of Construction the Masterplan for the reconstruction of the slum Baraka.

In an audience with the President of Senegal, the delegation reported to H.E. Macky Sall about the development of the project, which had already received support from the Head of State and the Minister for Construction, H.E. Diéne farba Sarr. The reconstruction of Baraka will not only provide comfortable apartments to all inhabitants of this district, but also establish training facilities and income generating activities.
The President of Senegal expressed his gratitude to the delegation, especially regarding the start of the construction works expected for March 2017, planned and carried out by CasaOrascom.

Please, read more under: https://barakadakar.wordpress.com and http://you-stiftung.de/category/aktuelles/pilotprojekte-baraka/

During her mission to Dakar (Senegal) UNESCO Special Ambassador Dr Ute Ohoven inaugurated the second phase of the „Keur Joyce“ kindergarten in the district Ouakam, near to the old airport.
A newly constructed second floor with fully equipped class rooms now allows for some 100 children of working mothers in the neighborhood to attend. It was a big inauguration party for both the children and the mothers alike!
Since its inception this project has been implemented by HOPE’87-Senegal and financed by the YOU Foundation-Education for Children in Need.