Miles for Knowledge

Imagine being back in the first grade, and having to walk over two hours every morning, just to get to school.

You cannot?

That is probably because a two hour walk every morning should not be imaginable for a first grader.

However, when schools are not easily accessible, children like Sumaira, going for a long walk every morning and evening just to get to and from school is nothing out of the ordinary. At the age of just ten years old, she and her two brothers would walk several miles every day to a school that her parents could barely manage to afford.      

The community feeder school in Syed Abad, Pakistan has been a savior for this family. They no longer have to incur the high cost of the previous school where they used to send their three children; they are now able to provide quality education for their young ones without having to worry about continuing their education in the future. Having cut her travelling journey significantly, Sumaira now has time to properly learn her lessons and succeed further. She already has plans of becoming a teacher when she grows up.

HOPE’87 continues to work and help these children gain their necessary means of education, as easily as possible. With the help of the European Commission Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection Office (ECHO Pakistan) and the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC), our organization has confidence that these children will be able to make a long-term transition into secondary education effectively.