Meeting with H.E. Macky Sall, President of the Republic of Senegal

On Thursday, the 26th of May, the President of the Republic of Senegal received a delegation from the YOU Foundation-Education for Children in Need, with HOPE'87 in audience, to get first-hand information on the planned program "Reconstruction of Baraka- from a slum to an urban district". This action is planned in cooperation with the German Federation of Architects (BDA), the Architecture Department of the Peter Behrens School of Art (PBSA) and the Senegalese Ministère du Renouveau Urbain, de l'Habitat et du Cadre de Vie. The project does not only foresee a complete reconstruction of all dwellings for the 210 households, living at the moment in shacks, but also incorporates public spaces such as a school, a market, training facilities, as well as new income generating activities for the population of Baraka.
In a prior meeting with the concerned Minister Diéne farba Sarr, Prof Braun (President, BDA) and Prof Schuster (PBSA) presented three building plans and one urbanism plan of those nine students of the PBSA, who were awarded with prizes by an international jury in Düsseldorf (Germany) earlier this year.
UNESCO Special Ambassador Dr Ute H. Ohoven, heading the delegation, and Claudia Jerger, Vice President of the YOU Foundation, also invited the nine students to join the delegation and to discuss with the population the upcoming construction works.
The visit of the delegation was organized, as in previous times, by the HOPE'87-Senegal Country Office. At the moment HOPE'87-Senegal carries out an important awareness-raising campaign in Baraka in order to support and to assist the population regarding the necessary future changes in social behavior.

An initiative of UNESCO Special Ambassador Dr Ute H. Ohoven,  with Secretary General Robert Ottitsch