Joint medical support for refugees in Burkina Faso

Woman cooking in Camp Mentao
Woman cooking in Camp Mentao
LandsAid and HOPE'87 work together to make basic medical help and medicine available in the remote areas of Soum, northern Burkina Faso. 
The situation in the Sahel region remains alarming; warnings by international organisations persist that there is little time left to prevent a disaster 15 million people are facing. In Burkina Faso, 350,000 people are in need of emergency assistance due to erratic rainfall, failed harvests, high food prices and conflict across the region.  
The number of Malian refugees in Burkina Faso continues to increase; as of 30 April 2012, about 56,600 Malian refugees had been registered in Burkina Faso. Humanitarian needs persist for water, food, shelter, health and protection. In particular, vulnerable women and children in refugee camps require a protective environment and appropriate medical support. 
In response to current needs and based on an Memorandum of Understanding the German organisation LandsAid e.V. and HOPE'87 decided to jointly provide basic medical assistance to 11,000 refugees in the two camps Djibo/Damba and Djiobo/Mentao and the local population in the province Soum. 
The first medical support team equipped with a mobile medical unit and medication provided by the German Apotheker Helfen e.V. will arrive in Djibo next week. For a period of two weeks, the team will be present to ensure that the most vulnerable receive sufficient health care and have access to basic medication. The formation of a second LandsAid team that will take over the medical unit is currently underway. 
Aktion Deutschland Hilft (ADH) supports this medical intervention of LandsAid.