International Day of Epidemic Preparedness

In 2020, the first ever International Day of Epidemic Preparedness was celebrated on December 27th. It was called for by the United Nations General Assembly to advocate the importance of the prevention of as well as the preparedness for epidemics.

The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the importance of investing in systems to prevent, detect and respond to infectious disease outbreaks, which have devastating impacts on human lives, especially of the poor and most vulnerable in the Global South.

Over the last year, HOPE’87 has incorporated an epidemic preparedness component in all of its projects in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19 as much as possible by showing the benefits of various activities such as washing hands, wearing mouth and nose protection in enclosed public spaces, keeping distance wherever possible, but also explaining to people what the symptoms of a COVID-19 disease are and what actions to take immediately to avoid infecting others. Furthermore, hand washing stations, soaps and protective masks have been distributed amongst the beneficiaries of our projects and health screenings have taken place in some settings.

In October, HOPE’87, in cooperation with the City of Vienna, has started a project in the border region of Burkina Faso and Mali with the overall objective of preventing and controlling COVID-19 in the area. Therefore, the conditions for testing and treatment of COVID-19 were improved by the establishment of the "COVID-19 Check Unit" for temporary segregation of suspected cases, which will subsequently be taken over by the hospital, and the technical capacities of health personnel in the prevention of COVID-19 were increased through training measures.

Take a look at pictures from our projects in Myanmar and Pakistan!