HOPE’87 - UNESCO ‘Humanitarian Crisis Response Project’

HOPE’87 - UNESCO ‘Humanitarian Crisis Response Project’ to be launched in Afar-Region/Ethiopia:
In co-operation with UNESCO, HOPE’87 and PADET are starting a Humanitarian Crisis Response in the Afar Regional State. Professional Alliance for Development in Ethiopia/ PADET is a local NGO established about 10 years ago to promote participatory development programs targeting the very poor and vulnerable segment of the communities, particularly women, youth and children. 

Ethiopia, one of the poorest regions of the world, was struck by draught and famine not only in 2008. Back in 72/73, 84/85 and 2002/2003 severe droughts threatened the Ethiopian population and killed thousands of people. Afar region is one of the four major pastoral regions in Ethiopia located in the north eastern part of the country. As one of the least developed regions in Ethiopia, the current effective water supply coverage in Afar region is less than 13 per cent. Sanitation coverage is even lower, at less than 7 per cent. Those without access to safe water depend on scarce surface water sources such as unprotected springs, ponds, streams and rivers. In most cases they are located at great distances from their households and very often represent sources of severe waterborne diseases.

The overall objective of the Humanitarian Crisis Response Project is to provide safe water supply and sanitation services to the needy community in the region through construction of new water supply and sanitation facilities.