HOPE for the victims of the Sahel Crisis

ADC awards 250,000 EURO for emergency relief for Turaeg refugees and support of the local pastoralists in northern Burkina Faso. 

On 2 March 2012 the Government of Burkina officially declared that the country is facing a critical food and nutrition crisis and called on the national and international solidarity to support Burkina Faso in coping with the crisis. 170 rural communities of the Région du Nord, Région du Centre Nord, Région de l'Est and especially Région du Sahel are currently at risk of food insecurity. The situation is aggravated by the influx of 108.000 Tuareg refugees from Mali (status as per August 2012), most of them arriving in the Région du Sahel with their herds.

Within this context, this ADC-funded project is bringing an emergency relief for Tuareg refugees and support for local pastoralists. The principal objective is to improve the humanitarian situation of the victims of the current food and refugee crisis in Burkina Faso, to help sustain and safeguard the life and health of the people affected and preserve their human dignity.

On one hand, HOPE'87 tries to ensure the access of the affected refugee population to food and non-food items in order to sustain and safeguard their lives, health and livelihood. On the other hand, the resilience of refugees as well as of the local pastoralists and agro-pastoralists is strengthened, to enable them to cope with the current climate change based crisis, which in turn will prevent a further increase in malnutrition rates, and to support the livelihoods of the affected or potentially food-insecure households for the time after the drought.

Three goals should be achieved by this project: firstly, refugees in Camp Damba will be adequately protected against climatic and weather conditions with shelter. Secondly, the survival of refugees in Camp Damba will be ensured by humanitarian food assistance. Thirdly, the livelihood of the Tuareg refugees as well as of the local pastoralist and agro-pastoralist population will be ensured until the coming rain period.

Short facts

Project location: Region du Sahel, Province du Soum, regufee camp Damba & Commune rurale de Nassoumbu

Duration: 1st of April 2012 until 30th November 2012

No. of beneficiaries: approximately 17,500 individuals

Planned project costs: 275.000 EURO