HOPE for the people affected by the Sahel crisis

ADC awards 250,000 EURO for the continuation of humanitarian assistance to support Mali refugees and local pastoralists in northern Burkina Faso.

The critical food and nutrition crisis, officially declared on 2 March 2012, by the Government of Burkina Faso remains alarming. Currently 170 rural communities of the Region du Nord, Region du Centre Nord, Region de l'Est and especially the Region du Sahel are still at risk of food insecurity. This year's rainy season brought enough rain to provide a temporary relief for the people and the drought-weakened livestock. In spite of this, the situation of the local population remains highly insecure as their livelihoods have been constantly undermined during the past years and high indebtedness weakens their ability to prepare for the upcoming dry season in March 2013. The situation is aggravated by a continuous influx of refugees from Mali, most of them arriving in the Region du Sahel.

In November the second phase of the HOPE'87 project has started in order to ensure the provision of food and shelter for Malian refugees and to assist local pastoralists with livelihood support. The Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC) decided to continue the financial support for the HOPE'87 action "HOPE for the people affected by the Sahel Crisis - emergency relief for Mali refugees and livelihood support for local pastoralists".

The approach of the project is to focus on the inter-relatedness of the problems of food insecurity, refugee influx and the erosion of resilience and the damaged livelihoods of the local population. The project follows a two-fold strategy and provides on the one hand, emergency relief for refugees and suffering local population and strengthens on the other livelihoods in an attempt to rehabilitate and to support the resilience of both groups against climate change based adversities.

Short Facts

Project location: Region du Sahel, Province du Soum, refugee camp Damba & Commune rurale de Nassoumbou

Duration: 1st November 2012 and 30th June 2013 

No. of beneficiaries: approximately 17,800 individuals

Planned project costs: 257.500 EURO