Happy World Health Day!

A day that sheds light on important health issues such as mental health, maternal and child care, and our continuing fight against the COVID-19-pandemic. It is also a day where we reflect on the elimination of health inequalities - especially in regard to a fair distribution of COVID-19 vaccines in countries of the Global South.

Have a look at our donation to a hospital in Sarajevo where Primarius Dr. Abdullah Nakas was in charge. Unfortunately Primarius Dr. Abdullah Nakas has passed away. 

HOPE'87 supported the hospital with a donation including an electric defibrillator for cardiac defibrillation, a respirator, equipment for electrotherapy, an acupuncture simulator, a negatoscope, 2 new beds for patients and more.

HOPE'87 will continue to work towards better education, better housing conditions, more employment opportunities, greater gender equality, access to clean water, food security and health services worldwide. These measures can help to prevent illness and premature death of people.