General Assembly of HOPE’87

On October 12th, the annual General Assembly of HOPE’87 took place at the Royal Archives (the Haus-, Hof- und Staatsarchiv) in Vienna. HOPE’87 proudly welcomed an impressive number of international guests at this year´s meeting.
H.E. Ambassador Dr. Brigitte Brenner, Chairperson of HOPE’87, presented Ms. Susanne Sitter as new Vice Chairperson of the Board of HOPE’87 and expressed her gratitude to all staff members at the General Secretariat as well as at the country offices, to all donors, and partners of HOPE’87 for their valuable contribution to the achievements of the organisation in the past 12 months. The Secretary General of HOPE’87, Mr Robert Ottitsch, informed the audience with a vivid and entertaining PowerPoint presentation about the various projects taking place all over the world.
Special attention was given to the upcoming reconstruction and rehabilitation of the slum of Baraka in Dakar (Senegal), to the continuation of the school safety program and to the series of water, sanitation and hygiene projects, financed by ECHO, to be started in Pakistan.
The Activity Report 2016 was as well as the financial reports and the balance sheet were approved by the General Assembly and handed out to all guests. They can be downloaded to your right or from the drop-down menu “Our Work”/”Activity Reports”.
HOPE’87 wishes to thank all guests, representatives of the diplomatic community, members of the different ministries and the Federal Chancellery as well as partner NGOs, who honoured the meeting with their presence!