General Assembly - 25 Years of HOPE'87

On 13th of November the annual General Assembly of HOPE'87 took place in the beautiful settings of the Royal Archives ("Haus-,Hof- und Staatsarchiv"). 
Marking also the 25th anniversary of our organization, the event was honored by the presence of many guests and well-wishers, including the Ambassadors of Germany, of Burkina Faso and of Pakistan, Austrian and foreign senior diplomates, representatives of donor agencies such OFID and the Foundation UNESCO-Education for Children in Need, private donors, former chairpersons, founding members, ministers and staff members. 
The Chairperson, Mme Ambassador Brigitte Brenner, provided the audience with a summary of the activities of the Board and Secretary General, Mr Robert Ottitsch, invited all guests to a virtual trip around the world highlighting the major programs and projects implemented in the past 12 months by each one of the HOPE'87 Country Offices.
After the approval of all reports, the Vice-Chairperson of HOPE'87 and Director General of the Federal Chancellery, Dr Manfred Matzka, invited all guests to a Vin d'Honneur to celebrate HOPE'87's achievement of "25 years serving mankind".

Last but not least, it was a special pleasure for all, that the HOPE'87 Country Representatives from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Burkina Faso, Senegal and Bangladesh, the Director of Operations of HOPE'87-Pakistan and the Senior Advisor of HOPE'87-Bosnia and Herzegovina attended- pars pro toto for the whole worldwide "HOPE'87 Family"- this year's General Assembly. Many of them have been active for HOPE'87 almost from its beginning (in the picture from left to right):

Mr. Abdarhamane TRAORET - Country Representative of HOPE'87 Burkina Faso  

Mr. Rezaul KARIM - Country Representative of HOPE'87 Bangladesh

Mr. Fikret KARKIN - Senior Adviser of HOPE'87; former Country Representative of HOPE'87 Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mr. Boubacar MANE - Country Representative of HOPE'87 Senegal

Mr. Ahmed ABBAS - Director Operations of HOPE'87 Pakistan

Ms. Zana KARKIN - Country Representative of HOPE'87 Bosnia and Herzegovina