General Assembly - 20 years of HOPE'87

On October 15th, 2008 the General Assembly of HOPE'87 took place at theHaus-, Hof- und Staatsarchiv ("Royal Archives") in Vienna. The meeting was held under the title "HOPE'87 - 20 Years of Service" andattracted such a great number of members, donors, partners and well-wishersthat seats got scarce very quickly... 

A lively power-point presentation with treasures out of the photo album gavean impression of the most important stages in the "life" of theorganisation, from its early beginnings at the UN in New York, the first JobIdea Competition in Vienna and the inception of the Branch Office Managersystem... from the start of the first tangible small scale income generatingactivities in Bangladesh in 1987 to skills development projects, programmesfor the protection of natural resources and, in more recent times,humanitarian aid in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Myanmar andEthiopia. 

The report of the Secretary General also contained a summary of the projectsimplemented in the past 12 months by the HOPE'87 Branch Offices around theWorld. Like every two years and according to the requirements of theAustrian law the Board of Directors of HOPE'87 was also elected. 

The General Assembly was followed by two days of consultations between theBranch Office Manager, the General Secretariat and Board members concerningthe future strategic priorities of HOPE'87.