First Humanitarian Congress

HuKo Logo 2011
HuKo Logo 2011

HOPE'87 in co-operation with Doctors Without Borders, Austrian Red Cross, Diakonie, CARE, Caritas, World Vision and Global Responsibility and in association with the Institute for International Development at the University of Vienna, is proud to present Austria's first Humanitarian Congress.

On the 21st of October 2011, Austria's first Humanitarian Congress will take place in the Celebration and Senate chambers of the University of Vienna. More than 50 world renowned experts will take part in this one day event and will be involved in panel discussions, where those attending will be given the opportunity to ask questions and comment on the presentations given.

The following topics will be discussed on the day and will run parallel to each other in the two chambers:

  • The current status of humanitarian aid ten years after 9/11
  • The Austrian contribution to humanitarian aid
  • The relationship between humanitarian aid and development
  • The tension between civil and military relations
  • The involvement of women as a strategy to end poverty and conflict
  • The perception of Western NGOs in the Muslim world

 HOPE'87 along with the humanitarian organisations CARE, Austrian Red Cross, Diakonie, Caritas, Doctors without Borders, World Vision and the Global Responsibility association, in co-operation with the University of Viennas Institute for International Development have been executed the organization of the event.

Further information: The official language of the congress is English. A small cost is involved in participating in the congress with the standard entry fee of 20€ and students able to receive a discounted rate of 10€. Drinks and snacks will be available throughout the congress.


For any further questions on the congress and to register feel free to visit: