Experiences of a volunteer teacher in Bangladesh

For many years HOPE’87 has facilitated for young people to do an internship either at the General Secretariat in Vienna or at one of the 12 Country Offices worldwide.

Caroline Jäckl is an experienced teacher in Vienna. She chose Bangladesh for such an exceptional stay during her own holidays. Here is what she says…

“… I was once told by a colleague that not only students learn from their teachers but that teachers also learn from their students. This is something I've already experienced by being a primary school teacher in Austria and it has turned out to be even more true for me when I spent several weeks in Bangladesh as a teacher for HOPE'87’s Night School.

I didn't only enjoy my time with the children in the classroom but also getting to know their culture when they kindly invited me into their homes and showed me around. Despite some difficult conditions such as limited space in the classrooms, simple equipment or the high temperature, the kids showed incredible motivation and together we enjoyed every single minute.

There were some really touching moments too: seeing the happiness and gratitude in the children's eyes when I gave them some simple school stationaries I had collected for them with my class in Vienna and seeing the children having the time of their lives when learning English through games.

Besides teaching in the Night School I was lucky to support teenagers in English conversation classes as well as participating in panel discussions and joining a rally on the International Youth Day.

As I 've mentioned earlier my weeks in Bangladesh were a valuable experience I would never want to miss. So, of course, I recommend everyone becoming a volunteer teacher and getting to know the wonderful people and culture of Bangladesh!”

Caroline Jäckl, 33 years - Vienna