Education for all vulnerable children in Burundi

It’s been exactly one and a half years since the implementation of the following project in several communities in Burundi that aim to enhance access to education and essential child protection services for children and adolescents. Through this project, HOPE’87 speaks to the values of safety and dignity while seeking to target 30,000 beneficiaries through its program. 

Specific target goals of this project include the enhancement of pedagogical skills of returnee and displaced children through remedial classes. Through the project, these children are able to stay in school as they are integrated into the educational system in September 2017.

Moreover, everyday life skills are reinforced for returnees and internally displaced adolescents in order for them to adapt to the life of host communities. For this matter, trainings of 400 adolescents on everyday life skills have taken place in the provinces of Makamba, Muyinga, Ruyigi, Kirundo and Gitega.

Special thanks and gratitude go to UNICEF and the Belgium Embassy, as partners of HOPE’87 for this important and socially valuable project, raising funds to protect children and adolescents in need in Burundi.