Earthquake in Chile

On Saturday 27th of February, shortly after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, it was now on Chile to become the site of a terrible natural disaster. An earthquake with the magnitude of 8.8 on the Richter scale - one of the strongest earthquakes ever recorded - and subsequent flood waves rolled over the country and left a scene of destruction. Approximately 800 Chilenian people lost their lives. Thousands of people got injured. Countless buildings are destroyed. Dozens of aftershocks make it difficult to provide adequate support measures.
Our local HOPE’87-Chile Branch Office Manager, Rudolf Lenhart, after having survived himself with his wife this tragedy, puts now all his energy in helping those who were not so lucky of being able to return to their homes. He reports a huge gesture of solidarity among the citizens. Not losing time, he himself initiated humanitarian activities to remove the worst damages and provide first aid for people without shelter. 
Our main efforts focus at the moment on the reconstruction of  a school for children with special needs in San Francisco de Mostazal.