Diarrhoea epidemic hits Chittagong Hills Tract- HOPE deploys emergency aid

Diarrhoea is spreading at the moment in Chittagong Hills Tract in the mountainous  far East of the country, especially in Ruma, Roanchori and Thanchi areas due to unsafe drinking water. The death toll related to diarrhoea and subsequent dehydration especially among small children, the elderly and weak has risen dramatically.
HOPE’87, supporting various development programmes for the indigenous population in Chittagong Hills Tract with support of the EC and private donors, sent, through HOPE’87-Bangladesh, immediately 100,000 water purification tablets and deployed a Mobile Health Camp (MHC) with a capacity of 300-400 patients to Ruma Upadzila to work hand in hand with TOYMU, an experienced local partner organisation of HOPE’87-Bangladesh.