Brazil: Football dream turns out to be a social nightmare - SIGN THE PETITION NOW

“We don’t need the World Cup” – “We need money for hospitals and education!”

The initial euphoria following the announcement back in 2007 that Brazil would be hosting the FIFA World Cup 2014 seems to have diminished almost completely. Harsh economic setbacks as well as scandals of corruption and fraud were followed by political instability and social upheavals. The world’s biggest football party should become the “worst publicity stunt in history”, as Forbes magazine called it. People were made believe that this event of global interest and importance would actually stimulate regional economies. They were promised many improvements in terms of infrastructure and business. But instead of future prestige and glory, most of the tax-financed project, including the construction and renovation of football arenas, could not be carried out in time some of them were not even started. Discrimination, forced relocation and violence were the consequences.
Former president Da Silva wanted to show the world Brazil’s strength, but what he achieved unconsciously might be of way more importance, the populations awakening from a dream.

The initiative “Nosso Jogo” devoted itself to the values of fair play, cultural and social liberty and equality. In order to fight the predominant ignorance and injustice shown in the course of the events surrounding the FIFA World Cup, Nosso Jogo launched a petition addressing FIFA, the Olympic committee, the Brazilian government, the Austrian Olympic committee and the Austrian football association. The petition demands:

  • compliance with employment rights in the context of major sport events in the host country as well as regarding supply chains
  • enforcement of the right for access to housing, public transport, education, health, play, public space, culture and a healthy environment