Bangladesh: Dola Para primary school

Dola Para is a remote village in Bandarban Hill district, which is only reachable by four wheel Jeep and a 30 minutes foot-walk. So far, there has never been a school building in the village. Daily school classes and lessons were conducted outside and therefore depended very much on the weather conditions. Extreme heat as well as strong rainfalls sometimes made teaching and learning impossible. To improve the situation and ensure access to primary education to the children living in the village, HOPE’87 Bangladesh and its local partner “Humanitarian Foundation” - with financial support by the Honorary Austrian Consulate in Bangladesh and the Austrian Embassy in New Delhi - constructed a school building and provided school furniture.

However, the extreme weather conditions were not the only problem complicating the village children's opportunities to learn. A consistent lack of kerosene and candles made it difficult for the children to continue their studies in the evenings. Moreover, the absence of adequate water and sanitation systems as well unsafe water in general, caused the frequent occurrence of diseases such as jaundice, malaria, diarrhea, dysentery and typhoid.

In order to address the whole range of the situation, the project also included the installation of solar panels to resolve the missing light issue within the school. Furthermore, water filters both for the school and the children’s households were distributed to guarantee safe water. All these efforts together, will contribute to ensure consistent access to primary education to the children of Dola Para and thus, contributing to a better future for these children as well as the whole village.