AcCESS project - Setting New Traditions

In the small village of Nasir Pur Peshawar lives Shabnum. The young girl belongs to a family of six siblings, all of whom come daily to attend classes at their local community feeder school. When asked about her age, she replies that she is either twelve or thirteen, the fact that she does not know her exact age shows the severity of the need for the establishment of a proper school system in small-town villages.

Previously, she studied in a nearby community school but due to the language barrier, she was not able to retain the knowledge from her lessons, thus, not able to succeed in her time there. The lack of motivation which came from seeing her friends move to higher levels but she did not share in their success, rendered her feeling hopeless. She joined the feeder school from the very beginning and has now continued to progress towards the second grade. Coming from a family who has never been educated, it is a milestone for her and her siblings, to go to school and accomplish everything they have, in their studies so far. 

HOPE’87 aims to help children like Shabnum and her siblings achieve their ambitions, whether it’s becoming a doctor or a teacher, the organization works with their partners and donors to make sure that these children are given the opportunity to learn and grow. Through projects like ‘AcCESS’ the children move one step closer to realizing their goals. 

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