2.500.000 Internally Displaced Persons in Pakistan- HOPE’87 Helps!

The ongoing unrest in Swat and the operation against the militants in the area has resulted in insurmountable hardships for the whole population. According to conservative estimates, the number of Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) from Swat is close to 2.500,000 people of which only about 165.000 are housed in temporary camps and more then 2.3 million have taken shelter in schools, make-shift camps or private accommodation.
Also, the camps are basically only tent villages set up on open fields. Apart from water and sanitation facilities, the camps also lack weatherproof shelters, especially equipped against the burning sun, items of basic necessities for daily usage as well as medical and educational facilities.

HOPE’87 Pakistan is about to provide water and sanitation facilities by sinking hand pumps for water and providing temporary structures for toilets and sanitation together with weather proof shelters (“summerised”) of about 100 to 150 sft for each family. This support will be provided in coordination with the provincial and district government structures for a maximum outreach and to avoid duplication of efforts. Our teams are already on the ground making their initial assessments. The medium to long-term support strategy for rehabilitation shall be devised during the coming weeks keeping in view the probable duration of the actions in Swat.

You can donate as much or as little as you can afford. Your contribution will help provide, among others, better temporary dwellings, potable water, sanitation and other non-food items of daily use to the affected population. Your donations can help us to reach out to more women, children and the most vulnerable.
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