20.000 marching in Vienna for the rights of refugees...

It was an amazing view of 20.000 people from all walks of life and all ages coming together yesterday evening around 8pm and then marching towards the Vienna city center, on the magnificent Ring-boulevard and to the Parliament!

As cruel as it might sound, but maybe the death of 71 refugees- men, women and children- who suffocated in a refrigerator truck only a few kilometers away from Vienna some days ago- was not in vain. Maybe the dreadful fate of those innocent refugees who came to beg for mercy, for understanding and for help entered the heart and stirred the consciousness of Austrians and Europeans. 

In any case, yesterday, August 31st, was a powerful day for Vienna and Austria when a concrete gesture of 20.000 people demonstrating for solidarity and compassion showed a CLEAR NO to xenophobia, violence and attacks against refugees and an equally CLEAR YES for welcoming those who came to ask for rescue. Have a look at these impressive photos and a big thank you to the organizer, Nadia Rida and "Mensch sein in Österreich" ("To be human in Austria")!

Link to the Demonstration site on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1143949075621493/