News Archive 2019

Success story – YES Centre Hospet, India

In cooperation with the Bangalore Rural Educational and Development Society (BREADS), HOPE’87 has enabled a magnificent project with a special focus on the empowerment of girls and young women though skills training at the YES Centre India.

Sustainable increase of income from at least 100 new micro- and small businesses in Ouagadougou

Project goals, target groups and measures:

Neo-micro and small enterprises in the municipality of Ouagadougou sustainably increase their income through access to efficient business training provided by the Centre d'Appui aux Entreprises (CAE).

Target group: 100 neo-micro and small entreprises and their key personnel (corporate governance, marketing and accounting) as well as the CAE staff. A total of 300 people from the 100 targeted companies are registered and invited to participate in the project.

Capacity building and incoming generation for small poultry farmers in Burkina Faso and Mali

This project is entitled «Capacity building and incoming generation for small poultry farmers in Burkina Faso and Mali». It belongs to the agricultural sector in general and more specifically to the breeding of laying hens. It will have as a target group small rural farmers and will be implemented in the border area of two neighbouring countries of West Africa that are Burkina Faso and Mali.

Christmas campaign 2019: Education, vocational training and humanitarian assistance for Burkina Faso and Mali

Through the implementation of this project, four important goals shall be achieved: 

1) The construction and equipment of the primary school of Mamabougou (Mali)

2) Support for the vocational training centre ESPOIR in Sikasso (Mali)

3) The construction and equipment of the sports centre of Finkolo (Mali)

4) Combat against malnutrition while supporting nutritional education of the women in the Sahel region as well as the northern centre (Burkina Faso)

PRESS RELEASE: ACCESS GRANTED for a safer educational experience in Pakistan

HOPE’87 along with the National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) and Elementary & Secondary Education Foundation (ESEF) are on the move yet again in Pakistan bringing education to out-of-school children.

HOPE'87: An Internship Experience

Coming to Vienna, at first, I thought that I would only be here to study, travel, get plugged in to a church and nothing else. But when hearing about internship opportunities still available for students through IES Abroad Vienna, I had to take advantage of it. Thus, I landed a position with HOPE’87 as an Assistant of the Secretary General.

Sport knows no boundaries - a sports center for Mali

Against the background of the terrorist activities of the fundamentalist al-Qaeda in the Maghreb and the militant Islamist group Ansar Dine, the Austrian organization HOPE'87 has been working since 2008 in the border area of ​​Mali and Burkina Faso around the inhabitants of this area without prospects through educational and income-generating projects.

"WU FYEREBOWE": Our Senoufo Wardrobe

Most West African countries have considerable ethnic diversity. This is also the case in Burkina Faso, a country of 274,000 km2 with a population of nearly 18,000,000 inhabitants, which include a mosaic of nearly 60 different ethnic and linguistic groups.

Among these, there are the Senoufos. Their territorial area consists of southwestern Burkina Faso, southern Mali and northern Côte d'Ivoire. They are thus straddling these 3 countries. The Senoufos are farming people focusing on growing cereals as well as cotton.

Women selling fruit juice in Baraka

The project of women vendors of fruit juice in Baraka contributes overall to the development of the policy of the female entrepreneurship in Senegal. The specific objectives of the project aim at significantly improving the income of the women vendors. 

In order to achieve the objective, the following two results are to be expected:

1) The production, storage and marketing conditions for the selling of the fruit juices are improved and strengthened in Baraka

2) Technical and financial management of the production and conservation of the fruit juices are assured

Nikita OP

Coverage of the costs for the operation of the paraplegic young man, named Nikita as well as coverage for the hospital bills and support in subsistence and local transport for Nikita and his accompanying mother Irina.