News Archive 2017

PRESS-RELEASE: ECHO, ADC, Plan International and HOPE'87 start the project "A Safer Tomorrow – Disaster Preparedness in Pakistan"

HOPE’87 continues to promote the Comprehensive School Safety framework, which aims to reduce the risks of all hazards to the education sector. 

In continuation of the previous interventions in Pakistan HOPE’87 has recently started the implementation of the project “A Safer Tomorrow – Disaster Preparedness in Pakistan (STDP4)”. 

Fresh fish from Ouakam: income generation for women in Dakar

“Keur Joyce” is a lively nursery school in Ouakam, nestled between the “Monument de la Renaissance Africaine” and Avenue Cheikh Anta Diop, a district of the Senegalese capital Dakar.

"Cité Baraka- from a slum to a new district" in Senegal

It all started about two years ago, when UNESCO Special Ambassador Dr Ute Ohoven decided to finally resolve the problems of the nearly 1.600 slum dwellers of Baraka, a shantytown in the very middle of the capital Dakar.

Agriculture and improved nutrition for pregnant women and children 0-5 years of age

The lowland rice-growing region of Casamance in southern Senegal lacks a reliable water supply and is entirely dependent on rainfall. This predefines its' propensity to drought as well as flooding. During the 2015/2016 season, 815 ha of rice of short- duration varieties were cultivated. Even after 90 days of ripening the total production reached 2,500 tonnes, of which 25 tonnes will serve as seed for future seasons. The cultivation of new crop varieties of maize allows to withstand extreme weather such as droughts and flooding yielding a total production of 3,200 tonnes on 1.200 ha.

Blogger training in Baraka

The overall program “Construction of the Cité Baraka” was set up by the YOU Foundation- Education for Children in Need in cooperation with the worldwide construction company ORASCOM. The main objective is to transform “Baraka”, a slum area in the district Liberté  VI in Dakar and home to about 1.600 inhabitants, into a modern quarter with a functioning infrastructure, newly built 210 apartments, a market place, a primary school, a health center and income generating activities. 

Establishing a small temporary health post

Within the frame of the reconstruction of the slum area of Baraka in Dakar’s district Liberté VI, a temporary medical service was established for the 210 households.

Rehabilitation of the primary school in Baraka

Within the frame of the reconstruction of the slum area of Baraka in Dakar’s district Liberté VI, this small project aimed at the rehabilitation of the local primary school.

A home for the children of Ouakam, Phase II

The Keur Joyce Giraud kindergarten is located in a poor area of Ouakam, a district of the capital Dakar and was renovated and equipped in previous years with financial support of the YOU Foundation - Education for Children in Need. The new phase involved the construction and equipment of two classrooms on a new second floor of the existing infrastructure.